Three Essential Food Truck Features

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Are you in the restaurant business and looking to start a mobile delivery cooking service? Then consider purchasing mobile food trucks to promote your business in different city areas. Food trucks are efficient and portable for selling delicious and unique cuisines. They are continuously becoming more popular because of their easy accessibility to customers and offer similar cuisine menus at affordable prices. However, to ensure it is as effective as a static restaurant, consider mobile food vending trucks with particular features, including prep tables, cooking tops, refrigeration units, order windows, and AC units to help elevate the mobile food business. This article shall expound more on the three essential food truck features that can benefit your business.

Cooking Equipment

When sourcing equipment for your mobile food vending trucks, you can expect to budget for various cooking equipment. This is probably the most essential part of a food truck because you require to cook the food you provide to your customers. Thus, if your food trucks are built to your specification, consider extra spacing for your most-used equipment, such as griddle or grills ideal for cooking eggs and vegetables. Also, consider a range for frying, boiling, and sauteing your cuisines, a microwave for warming food, a fryer suitable for cooking French fries and onion rings, and an exhaust hood for removing vapors away from the trucks. These appliances will help make your food business worthwhile. 

Food Prep Equipment

Like most static kitchens, mobile food vending trucks should have food prep equipment because they allow the chefs to prepare for cooking or serving a meal. Thus, your food trucks must have the following prep equipment supplies. A prep table (stainless steel or wood-based), a knife pack, and cutting boards allow you to cut up your meats and vegetables. Consider also having skillet pans for sautéing and frying food, thermometers, a food processor for making smoothies, salsas, and sauces, and maybe a French fry cutter to help you save plenty of time while cooking fries. 

Refrigeration Units

Having refrigeration units in your mobile food vending trucks is vital for keeping ingredients and left-over food fresh. Fortunately, these units come in a variety of sizes and types. Thus, because your food trucks may not be big enough to hold a double-door refrigerator, you can customize the units you choose to fit your food truck's needs. For instance, you may consider a worktop refrigerator unit that doubles as a work surface for optimal prep work. You may also choose an under-counter freezer perfect for freezing your ice cream and meats. Whichever unit you choose, ensure it fits your mobile food business perfectly.

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