What Can Chefs Make With Food Bowl Choppers?

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Chefs are professionals who are adept at using even the most basic tools to create delicious dishes. However, the right professional-grade kitchen appliances can make a chef's job easier and more efficient. Food bowl choppers can chop, shred, and crumble ingredients using sharp, high-speed blades. They can greatly speed the pace of food preparation in any restaurant kitchen. Here are four dishes that can be made with food bowl choppers:

1. Coleslaw 

Coleslaw is a staple in American cuisine. It's a dish that is just as at home at a backyard barbecue as a high-class restaurant. Coleslaw is usually made of a mixture of shredded cabbage with shredded carrots and even fennel tossed in for texture. Grating cabbage and carrots by hand can be time-consuming, but the work can be completed in a matter of minutes using a food bowl chopper. Quartered cabbage heads and whole carrots can be added to the bowl of a large food bowl chopper, where they will be cut into fine slivers almost instantly.

2. Sausages

Sausages are a versatile type of meat dish that can be enjoyed in many different ways. Sausages can be served in buns like hot dogs, grilled and eaten as an entree, or served with eggs as a traditional breakfast. Sausages made from scratch are fresher and more flavorful than those purchased from restaurant supply stores. Chefs can use food bowl choppers to easily mince pork, beef, and other ingredients into a mixture that is ready to be stuffed into sausage casings. Food bowl choppers can easily chop frozen meat, so chefs don't need to worry about thawing meat before preparation.

3. Salsa

Salsa is a delicious condiment that can be enjoyed as a dip for chips or served atop vegetables, meat, and fish. Homemade salsa is fresh and free from preservatives. Food bowl choppers make salsa preparation a snap. Whole tomatoes, onions, chili peppers, and garlic can be placed in the food bowl, which will perfectly chop the salsa into a uniform texture.

4. Breaded Meats and Side Dishes

Breading and frying meats is an excellent way to seal in their juices and give them a satisfying, crunchy texture. Pre-crumbed bread is often much more expensive than bread crumbs made from stale bread. Food bowl choppers can be used to pulverize stale bread, creating fine bread crumbs that can be added to batters and sprinkled atop side dishes.

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