Using Bagged Ice Delivery Services

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When you are in need of a large amount of ice, there are bagged ice delivery services that will be able to provide you with the ice that you are needing. As with any other service that you may consider using, it is important to understand more of what you can expect when you hire these professionals to supply you with ice. 

Assumption: Bagged Ice Delivery Services Are Only Suitable For Large Events

While it is true that bagged ice delivery services are often needed for extremely large outdoor gatherings or other events where catering may be needed, these services can also be extremely useful to restaurants. In the event of a freezer or refrigeration failure, a restaurant may need to be able to rapidly place a large amount of ice in the unit if it is to minimize the number of food stores that are lost due to spoilage. In these situations, a bagged ice delivery service may be the most viable option for providing them with the ice that they are needing as quickly as possible.

Assumption: The Bagged Ice Delivery Service Will Always Provide Coolers

You should be aware of the fact that most bagged ice delivery services will not provide coolers with the base order. They may allow you to order coolers as part of the order, but this will be at an additional cost. Due to this reality, you should have a plan in place for storing the ice so that you slow its melting as much as possible and limit the amount of water that leaks out. For those that will be needing the ice outdoors, it will be important to keep the coolers out of the sunlight. This will help to limit the amount of heat that they absorb so that the ice can stay frozen for as long as possible.

Assumption: The Type Of Ice Will Not Matter

When ordering the bagged ice, you should be aware that some types of ice will last longer than others. For example, crushed or chipped ice can melt relatively quickly when compared to cubed options. This is due to the larger surface area of the crushed ice, which can allow more of it to melt. If you are needing the ice to last as long as possible, choosing cubed ice can make this easier as it will melt at a much slower rate. Furthermore, chipped and crushed ice can be prone to forming extremely large clusters, which may be difficult to break apart.