How Hamburger Molding Might Deliver a Unique Marketing Spin

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A busy restaurant has to keep up with demand. An eatery that offers homemade cooking usually makes things by hand. And there are quite a few culinary tools that lend a little help. In a diner, a hamburger press proves valuable. Lunchtime and dinner can become quite busy, depending upon the location. A hamburger press allows a cook to pound out Grade A beef or ground turkey without delays.

Most customers expect the standard round burger, and the standard press molder delivers on expectations. Thus, changing up the shape has some marketing potential. Requesting specially designed hamburger press could help make some unique burgers, and catch patrons' eyes.

The Triangle Three-Piece Burger

Savings and deals draw attention. When a restaurant proprietor offers burger specials, sales might pick up. A three-piece burger deal that provides a bacon cheeseburger with fries and coleslaw may sound good. The burger, itself, comes with three items: beef, cheese, and bacon. You could even add three different kinds of cheese to the mix. And maybe a triangle hamburger press could drive the three points home. After pressing out a triangular burger, place three slices of bacon on the lines of the triangle. While a little offbeat, the idea could get a particular restaurant noticed.

Never Overlook Marketing 

Standing out from the crowd could help a small restaurant increase its customers. Marketing helps with this result and usually doesn't require a huge budget or an over-the-top campaign. Illustrations of a uniquely shaped burger on menus or flyers add a little promotional value. As long as the marketing looks good, it has potential. Make sure the hamburgers look equally as good. That means investing in the right kitchen tools.

Cutting Burgers Doesn't Cut It

Pulling out a sharp knife and cutting a triangle shape presents the risk of an uneven outcome. Cooks aren't expected to also be sculptors. Precision could become lost when dealing with the noon-time lunch rush. Imagine three people ordering three triangle cheeseburgers — and getting three different, uneven triangles at their table. Don't consider that a good look. A well-made hamburger molding press could prevent such embarrassing situations. 

Solid Construction Counts

Any hamburger molding press the restaurant procures has to be durable, consistent, and easy to clean thoroughly. Quality in manufacturing counts. Buying a moulding press from an established supplier could ensure access to quality. If you're serious about changing up your menu, consider contacting a hamburger moulder equipment supplier.