Opening A New Restaurant? 3 Types Of Refrigeration Systems You Can Choose From

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If you are opening a new restaurant, you know how many choices you have to make. One important thing to consider is the type of refrigeration system you install. This is because a traditional refrigerator that you find in homes will not store food in a restaurant at the right temperatures. When you start shopping for your system, you will find there are different types available, three of which are listed below. You can then get your new refrigeration system installed so you can open your doors to business. 

Walk-In Cooler 

A walk-in cooler would work well for you if you have a large restaurant. This is because this type of system is large and can hold a lot of items. You can find them in different sizes, however. For example, some will be much like a small closet while others will be like a small room. 

NO matter what size you choose, make sure the cooler has shelves to allow you to better organize your food items. You can also use this for storage, such as for storing produce and other perishable items you do not have room for in your restaurant.  Coolers have an adjustable thermostat that may be manual or electronic to allow you to easily adjust the temperature. 

Reach In Refrigerator

Another type of refrigeration system you can choose from is a reach in refrigerator. These are much larger than a standard refrigerator. They often have glass front doors to allow you to see what is in the refrigerator much easier. 

When choosing a reach in refrigerator consider the storage capacity you will need, which will be in cubic feet. You also have to consider where to place the refrigerator when you purchase it. The best location is to ensure the refrigerator is not too close to heat sources, such as from cooking in the kitchen. This is because this heat may cause the temperature to change in the freezer. 

Under the Counter Refrigerators

An under the counter refrigerator is like a pull out drawer. This works well if you have a small restaurant and need to store things like poultry, seafood, and other meats. This is also convenient for your kitchen cook as the under the counter refrigerator can be installed so that your cook has easy access. This will allow them to cook the food even faster in your kitchen.

Under the counter refrigerators can cool at the same capacity as most other refrigeration systems except the large systems, like the walk in cooler. Because they are under the counter this can save you a lot of space in your restaurant 

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