Why Your Next Beer Should Be A Craft Beer

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There are few things on this planet that can be as refreshing as a good beer. In fact there is a beer for almost any occasion. In the world today there are a plethora of beers. When watching television a person is sure to see a few beer commercials every hour, and companies invest a large amount of money to get their product out there. There are many large commercial beers that are fantastic, but there are also many craft beers that are amazing. This article is going to outline three reasons why your next beer should be a microbrewery beer from a place like Hoboken Beer & Soda Outlet


Most of the smaller microbreweries do not spend a lot of money on advertising. This means that that money is spent elsewhere, like high quality ingredients. A small brewery is able to spend a great deal of time and care perfecting each batch of beer. They are not as concerned with marketing and mass producing their beer. Instead these breweries are able to put their local name on the line with each beer. The product that most microbreweries put out is extremely high quality, and is sure to be a pleasure to drink. 

Many Choices

One of the many perks of drinking craft beer is the fact that they are not making the same old beer. The microbreweries are able to put special ingredients, and that means that you are going to get a different full flavor beer. Most people do not realize the many different ingredients that can be put into beer. Some ingredients translate into a light citrusy beer that is perfect for summer, or a dark beer that is perfect for winter. It is truly amazing how many different beers are available from microbreweries.

Health Benefits

There has been a lot said about the health benefits of wine, but it turns out that beer has many of the same health benefits. There are antioxidants called phenols in beer that reduce the risk of heart disease. Something that not many people know is that beer is actually a better source of protein and vitamin B than is wine. Do not misunderstand, wine is great, but there is something rich and warm about drinking a beer. However, beer is not meant to be a new diet. Beer, in moderation, can be a very healthy addition to a healthy diet and exercise regimen. So, feel good about what you are getting out of your beer.